Monthly Meetings

AKF has meetings each weekend of the month, which members may join depending on their desired activity level. The only monthly meetings that all members are strongly encouraged to attend is the grand lodge meeting and their regional lodge meeting.


Since before we were organized as American Kulaks we have held and prepared for celebrations on these holidays:

  1. February 13th – 15th celebrate Lupercalia
  2. April 21st celebrate Parilia
  3. April 23rd celebrate Saint George’s Day
  4. August 30th celebrate Alexander Nevsky – Translation of relics
  5. October 15th celebrate October Horse in honor of Laocoön
  6. October 31st celebrate Halloween
  7. November 1st celebrate All Saints Day


  • Spear Hunting the Boar
  • Javelin
  • Cycling

Genetic Research

We do extensive research on the genomes of members who wish to participate in our genetic profiling project. We especially focus on polygenic scores which can be used to predict health outcomes and psychometric traits. We hope that in a few years we will have our own genome sequencer.

Linguistic Research

We are currently undergoing research in to Ancient Greek and Latin. Including the development of children’s curriculum. We plan to add research into other Western Indo-European (WIE) Languages as well.

Open Source Software

We are writing open source code for several different applications including a messaging app for cooperatives including mutual benefit fraternities. Learn more at