There are three types Emergency Benefits that AKF offers as part of active membership.

  • Emergency Payments
  • Emergency Training
  • Emergency Internships

Emergency Payments

$5 of every AKF member’s annual dues goes directly to his Timezone Lodge’s Emergency Payment Fund which will be paid out in the event of a need arising from maintained disorder such as:

  • Job loss due to dox or targeted harassment of employer
  • Physical injury or property damage from rioting and looting
  • Loss of life or accident

The injured party’s fellow Timezone Lodge members will vote on what size of emergency payment is warranted for a given claim. The size of payment will depend on a variety of factors ranging from the degree to which the member took reasonable precautions to the number of dependents in the injured party. The median vote of the injured parties regional lodge will determine the size of the emergency payment.

When making a claim for Emergency Payments in the event of job loss a member can also request Emergency Internship or Emergency Skills Training benefits.

Emergency Training

In the event you file a claim for Emergency Benefits and you face job loss or risk of job loss we offer an Emergency Training program that will help you develop a set of skills in a new industry. Upon completion of the basic coursework we may have an internship in the field available for you.

Emergency Internships

In the event you file a claim for emergency benefits, you face job loss and you meet the training requirements we offer an Emergency Internship program that will help you gain work experience in a new industry.