Why Join?

Brotherhood: The American Kulak Fraternity connects men of honorable character both locally and nationwide. To AKF, Brotherhood comes first and includes the responsibilities of each member to their brothers. AKF facilitates the bonds of Brotherhood with a variety of events, everything from local BBQs to national meet ups.

Community Development: Just as AKF seeks to build the brotherhood of our members, we also seek to build livable communities that the families of our members are proud to have built up and grateful to live in. Building local communities and helping them prosper is a key aspect of AFK. This, along with benefits we offer to our members families, is part of a broader goal of AKF of keeping our member’s families secure.

Financial Development: The American Kulak Fraternity seeks to improve the financial standing of all of its members not just though networking, but also by providing the tools to reach ones potential financially. AFK has a variety of resources for its members including tutorials to increase financial literacy and certain financial benefits for members. AKF believes this is an absolutely essential aspect of the organization and will continue to expand as we grow.

What are dues spent on?

Currently, AKF charges $10 in dues. The first $5 in annual dues goes directly to the member’s Timezone Emergency Payment Fund. Learn more about how these funds and other emergency benefits are made available here. The rest of the dues goes towards purchasing property and funding projects.