American Kulak Project Announcements

1. AKP National Tour

The November and December tours have been a success. AKP’s president was welcomed at dozens of stops along the twelve thousand mile drive across the nation.

The tour brought in over one hundred new applications for membership, nearly one thousand dollars in donations, and countless supporters to the American Kulak cause.

2. January Tour Updates

AKP’s president will be arriving in West Virginia on January 15th, and making his way back to California over the month of January. Please reach out to if you would like to book him along that route.

American Kulak Fraternity Announcements

1. American Kulak Fraternity Spring Tour

There will be a Spring Tour starting in April from Southern California and passing through Tennessee in May. Contact for further information or to book us for an event.

2. American Kulak Fraternity Classical Curriculum

The American Kulak Fraternity is developing a curriculum for Ancient Greek and Latin. Please reach out to if you are classically trained and want to participate.

3. Celtic Isles Kulak Fraternity

The American Kulak Fraternity is submitting documents for a Friendly Society (similar to the US FraternalOrder) in the United Kingdom, to be called the Celtic Isles Kulak Fraternity. If you have any contacts in the UK or Ireland please put them in touch with

American Kulak Cooperatives Announcements


American Kulak Cooperatives is building a platform for cooperatives called, it will feature secure messaging, community collaboration and financial services. If you want to help us develop it please reach out to

2. Now Accepting Donations

Please Add coin wallet address in plugin settings panel

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