American Kulak Project Announcements

1. Spring Tour

AKF’s President is starting another tour in Atlanta on April 25th. He is open to meeting AKF members along this route:

2. XMPP Update

We have set up our own XMPP server at to facilitate secure messaging with friendly organizations. All AKF members have accounts and the president can be reached at and our public chat is at

American Kulak Fraternity Announcements

1. Boar Hunt

The Boar Hunt will be in northern Georgia near Tennessee, please reach out if you are intrested It will include a trip open to friends of AKF in Georgia on St. George’s Day.

2. Communication Security

Most devices with Android or Intel Processors are insufficiently secure for critical AKF communications. Please move as much communication as possible, including both Wire and XMPP, to desktop or Pinephone. Some android devices which have been sufficiently “degoogled” or modified Intel processors may be secure enough.

American Kulak Cooperatives Announcements


American Kulak Cooperatives is building a platform for cooperatives called, it will feature secure messaging, community collaboration and financial services – especially for credit unions. If you want to help us develop it please reach out to @CommunityChest on Wire ( and check out our Github (

2. Now Accepting Donations

Please Add coin wallet address in plugin settings panel

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