The goal of The American Kulak Project is much broader than just setting up The American Kulak Fraternity and American Kulak Cooperatives. Our goal is to foster a decentralized alternative financial ecosystem distributed across a wide array of financial institutions and a fraternal brotherhood distributed across a wide array of regions and countries.

Disagreements about Operations Security, branding, bylaws, crypsis and other institutional differences can be settled by dividing the parties into different founding groups of separate financial institutions. This will form a decentralized network of independent financial institutions that have no single point of failure. The institutions that survive over the coming years will be those with the greatest combination of resilience, fortitude and anti-fragility. Further, decentralizing financial institutions deters bad actors from trying to take down, infiltrate or hack into any one of them as they are only damaging a small piece of the overall ecosystem.

The project will also be decentralized across Western countries. The goal is for every Western country to have their own Kulak Fraternity, Kulak Cooperatives and other financial institutions. We can then create community sourced fintech cooperatives to service these networks for everything from transactions to fintech apps to legal services. While these types of financial cooperatives were started in 19th Century Germany, our community sourced fintech cooperatives will initially focus on anglophone common law countries. The most important fintech cooperative will be the one dealing with Electronic Funds Transfer and payment processing. With it we are only a step away from being able to implement our own ACH transfers across Western countries.

To clarify any confusion about the various parts the ecosystem. The American Kulak Project acts as a think tank. The American Kulak Fraternity is mutual benefit fraternity which directs American Kulak Cooperatives.

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